Wine mock-up set

With 32 PSD mock-up scenes this Wine set, will equip you with everything you need to present your Wine label design in the most professional way. It consists of 3 wine types (Red wine, White wine [...]

Creative Scene Generator mock-up

Create Stationary presentations, Mock ups and Designs, Header and Hero images…the list is endless... With the variety of items from stationary to artistic contained in this set you will be able [...]

Hot and Sweet

Award winning design for the best design of the year 2013 by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. The design shapes a curious combination of hot and sweet taste forming a hot chili jam.

Corba house

Corporate identity design for the “slow food” delivery restaurant “Čorba house”(eng. Stew house). The design included the logo with corporate materials, packaging, advertising, interior branding [...]

Hrabri cistac

“Hrabri cistac” is a waste disposal and recycling company. They needed the logo that would reflect the company goals so the inspiration was logically found in an international “man and the bin” [...]

Ring solutions

Ring solutions is an IT company, and the project goals were to present the company in a clean and professional manner, that would capture the companies key aspects, such as simplicity, accuracy, [...]

Liffe festival

Identity design for the international film festival held in the city of Leskovac. Since the town is known for its quality chili that became a well recognized symbol, i used it as a leitmotiv for [...]

Lets all help

“Da svi pomognemo(Let's all help)” is a campaign organized by the humanitarian organization Ana and Vlade Divac with the goal to collect enough money and constructional material for the [...]

Boj komerc

Identity design for the “Boj komerc” company as the first step in transition from companies orientation from toys sales to sales and distribution of various merchandises. The goal was to create a [...]

Foundation Divac

Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac is a humanitarian organization that is working hard on solving various social problems in Serbia. As such they needed the identity that would reflect their positive [...]

Vamos toys

Vamos toys is a toy company. The goal of the visual identity was to create a cheerful but professional look that would appeal to both youngsters and adults.

Trace of Injustice

First place awarded poster on the competition for the "Liceulice"(face of the street) magazine cover for the edition of the magazine that came out in December 2013. The subject of the competition [...]

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